Video Works


Blue Vision
Five minute looped video

Blue Vision examines the commoditization of beauty and links the adornment of body or adornment of objects to capitalism. Inspired by my own mother’s preoccupation with selling clothing on the internet, the world’s marketplace, I am interested in how we assign value to objects, and to ourselves. We adorn our bodies (often with sequins) to celebrate them and we adorn objects to lend greater value or importance to them.

This video print is curated by HERVISIONS x Studio As We Are. The collaboration strengthens their joint mission of creating space for digital art to exist IRL and cultivating, supporting and advancing voices in New Media. The femme-focused collection also exhibited at the CADAF Online virtual art fair June 25th through June 28th 2020.

A limited edition collectable version of this piece is available for purchase via Infinite Objects here.

This capitalist philosophy marries reflected light to worth: the most value to the most adorned. Like a mighty arm that extends across borders, commoditization has transformed all cultures. We all constantly search for shiny new things, in the physical and digital world.