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Welcome to my print sale! This year I am offering a limited edition run of the print based on the piece “Buried Armor.” This is the latest iteration of the “Floating Armor” series.

“Buried Armor” speaks to our current times. It reflects upon upheaval, displacement, and the exploitation of resources across the continent of Africa. It also reflects upon the ravages of the war and suffering occurring in places like the Middle East and Congo and it pleads for peace, permanent sovereignty and rebuilding.

The sale of these large prints will be limited to 30 prints.  Thank you for your support!

 Buried Armor

Size: 18” x 24” inches

Date: 2024

This piece is a high quality printand hand signed. It arrives unframed and unmounted. Please allow 1-2 weeks for shipping.

Giclee Print on
Hahnemühle premium


If you have any questions about any previously released editions, please contact me below!